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Opening Day (13 Nov 04)
Last night I was signing books at the Clearwater Library’s Evening with the Authors. To be hunting (on a Florida ranch) this morning seems a world away. Next time I attend such an event, I want to be sharing this world with them. In five days I’ll be in Gabon on my next assignment, and then I must return to begin work here at home. Now I need both hands to shed mosquitoes. The sun’s almost rising. [read more]

Billowing Inferno (03 Jun 04)
It was then that I saw it. A black mountain was moving over the trees at an alarming rate...By then the wall of swirling sand was already on top of me. [read more]

Gulf Coast Nature (31 Dec 03)
I sit on the white sand beach of Panther Key, watching the warm winter sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico. Hog Key stands in silhouette before me, mangroves reflecting perfectly in the still water. The horizon seems to carry on forever in all directions. I feel fortunate to be camped here at the end of America, in one of its wildest place inspires me more than Gulf Coast of Florida. [read more]