Birthday Bonfire in Gabon

Last night I celebrated by birthday in firelight on the beach in Gamba. It was an excellent evening with an eclectic circle. Me, Michelle who pulled it all together, Mike the South African large animal vet who was master of the barbeque, Steve the crazy British American elephant ecologist, Mombalame and Mossimbo the Baka Pygmies elephant hunters from Congo, Tumtum and Djobo the Gabonese pygmies from Makuku, Laura and Kevin the oil engineers from the UK, Carolina and Miguel from Spain and France who brought a perfect bottle of Spanish wine, Mark the African musician from the UK with Gabonese singer Pierre and Kentucky-born Australia-living girlfriend Pat, and Tobi the lab manager from Cameroon who gave me a delightful frog necktie. Sitting on sand by the fire, we smoked Cuban cigars from Michelle’s freezer and after a few drinks Mossimbo was trying to speak French with the European ladies. We floated in conversation to the sound of heavy waves rumbling along the wild coastline where elephants and hippos roam.View new photography at