Frontier Possibilities

I sit at the crest of the Norahé hondu, or dune of the Norahé forest looking north into the Gourma. There is a great plain that starts at the base of the dune some 25 meters below and runs 2-3 kilometers to the forest where over one hundred elephants are now browsing. I can see two at the edge. The rest are hidden. To the west the sun is 40 minutes above the horizon. To the east gray skies suggest rain, which will be the determining factor in what unfolds in the coming hours. With rain, the elephants should comfortably move into the plain and eventually cross the dune to enter their southern range. Without rain they will wait in the forest for the rain to come. If the water in the forest dries before the next rain, they will move back to Banzena. I hope the rain starts soon and then stops before nightfall. This will give me a chance at an aerial view of elephants moving into the open plain. The wind is now flapping my tent and the temperature is dropping. Time to prepare.View new photography at