Mali Before Christmas

I'm sitting in the Bamako airport waiting for a delayed flight to take me to Libreville so I can then wait 6 hours and get on another plane to fly back north overnight to Paris, where I will wait again for my flight west to the US and hopefully arrive in Tampa in time to join my parents and brother for Christmas Eve together. But considering I'm still in Africa with some many different flights to potentially go astray, its anyone's guess when I'll actually get home. I spent the last week in Timbuktu doing aerial photography of the elephant range and mainly waiting for sand storm conditions to clear, which they did only after only after the tired planes and pilots threw in the rag and resumed they journey toward Europe. I was super frustrated by not being able to fully capitalize on my investment here and Mike Fay was pretty pissed too. But the pilots own the planes and can couch any vested interest in getting out of Africa in arguments of safety and aviation law. In the end I got some good and useful photos, but not at the level was shooting for. I've got to admit its a bit strange being in a predominantly Muslim country in Africa with 95 degree desert conditions. I don't exactly have visions of snow or colored lights or sleigh bells ringing in my head. This should be an interesting transition.View new photography at