Missed Opportunity

The wind came and then the rain came and it did not stop. The gale force gusts tore my tent and snapped a fiberglass tent pole. I stayed in the tent for shelter and to keep in from blowing away, but hardly slept. There was no way to know what the elephants were doing until the morning. At 5:00 am, Mohammed and I traversed the dune looking for tracks. I hoped they were still in the forest below and would give me another chance. But less than a kilometer west of camp we saw their path. It seemed that all the elephants had made the passage in the night. We went after them, but they had already entered the vast Inané forest, which stretches south for more than 25 km. They are practically unapproachable there and if the rains continue they will remain in the forest for as long as a month before moving south into Burkina Faso.View new photography at www.carltonward.com